Cottage Capsule – Let‘s look a lil closer

My last post brought me into conversation with a few people which I really enjoyed and one of them asked for more details and then proceeded to radically throw out clothes from their wardrobe. I‘m staying in touch with them to learn how it works out for them but just the news that somebody wasContinue reading “Cottage Capsule – Let‘s look a lil closer”

A Cottage Capsule

I‘m in the midst of trying out a new concept for my wardrobe and so far I think it‘s making a lot of sense for me. I‘m not done sorting through, but since I‘ve mentioned it on Instagram quite a few people have asked me what my concept is so I would like to elaborate.Continue reading “A Cottage Capsule”

Harry Potter Book Essentials

The magical world of Harry Potter… Daily I find myself dreaming of going to Hogwarts. I want to have onion soup at the burrow, I want to help the Weasley kids de-gnome their garden. I want to try Mr Lovegood’s gurdyroot infusion and want to have my own portrait on Luna’s ceiling. I want toContinue reading “Harry Potter Book Essentials”