Tattoo Ink & Color Stains on Linen Clothes

The first week of the tattoo shop reopening after 4 months of lockdown and I‘m so glad I can work there again. I missed everybody and everything soo much. But the first week I also had an ink accident which turned out all good, fortunately. I wore a lilac linen dress and although I knowContinue reading “Tattoo Ink & Color Stains on Linen Clothes”

What is a „Style“ and how do I get one?

Last post, although it had a positive outcome for me personally, was rather negative so I would like to steer the vibe into a friendlier direction again. I want to write about something that makes me happy and that I know makes many people in this world happy. I would like to write about fashionContinue reading “What is a „Style“ and how do I get one?”

My Problem with AlarmEighteen

As I’ve mentioned on Instagram this story is about Jack aka AlarmEighteen and this matter has been giving me stomach aches for months. I think sharing it with you will help me make peace with it.

My Treasured Books

After quite some time I’m finally back to post something on my blog…finally! It’s march and what a year it’s already been, huh? So much *stuff* all over the world, how crazy. I hope you’re all doing great and the virus doesn’t have you. If, for some reason, you’re tied to the bed this postContinue reading “My Treasured Books”

Just finished: The Familiars

Ho ho ho! Oh darn, it’s not quite that time of the year yet, but it just as well might be.. considering how long this Blog has been going without a post. Today I would like to talk a bit about the book I’ve finished most recently! It’s called “The Familiars”, a book by StaceyContinue reading “Just finished: The Familiars”

Celebrating Lughnasadh

Grain on the fields, plants and shrubs heavy with berries and fruit and still we’re enjoying a few rays of summery sunshine; This is how we know Lughnasadh is approaching. In the Witch’s Wheel of the Year Lughnasadh or Lammas (“LOO-nah-sah”, usually 1st- 2nd August, can be between 31st July and 6th August) is oneContinue reading “Celebrating Lughnasadh”

Harry Potter Book Essentials

The magical world of Harry Potter… Daily I find myself dreaming of going to Hogwarts. I want to have onion soup at the burrow, I want to help the Weasley kids de-gnome their garden. I want to try Mr Lovegood’s gurdyroot infusion and want to have my own portrait on Luna’s ceiling. I want toContinue reading “Harry Potter Book Essentials”

The Rainbow Bookshelf

Cicero (the old Drama-Queen) once said that “A room without books is like a body without a soul” and although it sounds a little bit dramatic… I’d have to agree with him. Only that I’d probably correct it to “A home without books…” because, honestly, could I call it a “home” if there were noContinue reading “The Rainbow Bookshelf”