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The name "Skyggsja" (originally spelt "skuggsjá") is Old Norse and it means "mirror.“ The first syllable can be translated as a version of „shadow“ as well. I loved the magickal and ancient vibe of this. A shadow can hide but also reveal something, just like a glance into a mirror can do. Reflection. Clarity, Mystery.

Hello, I‘m Natashia ♡
A warm welcome to my website and thanks for being interested in my person and what I‘m sharing on this platform.

I‘m an artist and green academia hobbit from the Eifel area in Germany. I have always enjoyed nature and making art, I‘m naturally a person who will point at a hundred things exclaiming „look at this!“ and who generally enjoys the small things in life.

My goal in life is to live slowly and consciously, create and enjoy and appreciate.

A couple of things that I love:
– my two cats and bunnies
– by bf who I‘ve been with since 2013
– fashion. ahh fashion. I love linen dresses and having a unique style
– books and films. just good stories, I love them.
– music. I love soundtracks and classic but first and foremost I‘m a metalhead
– aesthetics. I just live for the witchy, green academia, hobbitcore lifestyle
– languages and folklore.
– making things! Cooking, sewing, crafting…
– travelling. sometimes – I also love being at home haha.
– mother nature. I love plants and trees and bugs and stones and twigs.
– autumn and spring. My heart belongs to these seasons.

These are basically also the things I‘ll be sharing experiences, ideas and opinions about on this blog. If they interest you, feel free to comment or message me on Instagram. Let‘s talk!

Thanks for being here! X Natashia

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