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I am Natashia Le Fay, born 1995 in the Eifel area of Germany. I’m an artist, tattooer and witch with a big love for the little things.

One of my first memories is of myself staring at the moon, completely mesmerized about how she seemed to follow us anywhere we went or drove. I called her my “best friend”, I was maybe three years old.

I was a child with only few friends and I loved to read. Harry Potter and Inkheart were the stories that shaped me heavily. They gave me role models I didn’t have in my real life and taught me how to escape into other worlds without actually leaving the room. Today, I’m still a big friend of books, always trying to find a story I can immerse myself in. I like childrens stories, anything set in Middle Earth but also folklore, poetry and some historical novels. So much to explore in the world of books!

At school I was only really good at art…and sometimes English. But art, I was known for being good at art and my teachers frequently told me I should definitely pursue a carreer where I could do art and lots of it.
After school I actually didn’t really know what I wanted to do so I went the easy way. I went to school to become a trained sales person and during that time I started making art that I offered in my little online shop. I started with stickers but towards the end of my training I decided to get a device that would enable me to do digital art. Ever since then I worked digitally, creating art prints, witchy art and even illustrations for books. I’m really grateful that my artwork is well received on Etsy and I’ll be excited to expand my shop by new art in the future.

I never really remember how I decided it but at some point I realized I would like to become a tattooer. The craft has been very fascinating to me for a long time and I was fortunate enough to be offered an apprenticeship from a very incredible and kind artist in Bonn, Germany. Today, I’m part of her team of tattoo artists and we work in a really nice studio in the heart of Bonn’s old town.

As a child I was very empathic and optimistic, always on the look for beautiful things in nature and life. At 17 I understood that I see nature as something sacred and holy and decided I would make it my religion. Of course I was thrilled to find out that the paths of modern day witches are just that.. working with the cycles of nature and all of that. That’s when I realized that I feel comfortable with the thought… the thought of calling myself a witch, having my very own path in Magick and connecting to the world through it.

I don’t have a massive following but I’m happy to be connecting with each and every one of my people. I made this page in order to have a central spot for basically everything I do.

Thank you for being here!
x Natashia

The name "Skyggsja" (originally spelt "skuggsjá") is Old Norse and it means "mirror." I loved that, it felt mystical and endless. It's been my name for years and almost everything I do and everything I relate with matches this lovely name very well.