Cottage Capsule: Moss Green

I recently shared my cottage capsule concept and even more recently updated that I would like to go really into the depths of this concept and post every single garment. Fashion is definitely a big part of my life and one of my biggest hobbies so it‘s a great thing for myself to have a space to talk about it all in such detail. And if it inspires somebody to try out slow fashion that‘s a great plus.

Today I would like to begin! The first step of creating my capsule was compiling a list of colours I love to wear and that therefore is present in my wardrobe: Moss green was my first on the list, along with forest green, brown, gray, black, white, purple and lastly, patterned.
And we‘re beginning with my moss green wardrobe today including a available links to where I got the garments from and also a really short rating on what I think about them.

About the rating: I‘ll rate the items 1-5 of 5 and this is what the ratings mean: 1 means not quite as I expected but ok. 2 means it just a normal item, I wear it but I don‘t have much to say about it. 3 means that it‘s a practical item that I like to wear. 4 means I really like this piece and love to wear it, the quality is great. This will be my most common rating I feel. 5 means it‘s an absolute favourite that I love very very dearly.
All in all this means that I won‘t be rating an item that I don‘t like. That‘s because I don‘t keep items I don‘t like. Even 1 star means that the item is good in some way.

Quick paragraph detailing why I have 2 different greens and what I imagine when I say moss green.
I have two different greens because green is just my favourite colour. I own quite a lot of green clothes and also accessories and my whole house is green atm as well. I love green ♡ And moss green is how I refer to a yellowish type of green, I feel this is a warmer type of green. Another good name would be Olive or Avocado Green but I prefer moss lol. The other one I have is forest green which is a bit cooler, more on the bluish side of green but not quite petrol or turquoise yet. I could‘ve made these two one big category but feel like since I have enough garments for them to be split it‘s wiser to do so for a better overview.

Lana Pinafore by Voriagh. More greyish in this pic but it‘s defnitely green. Made of wool and really warm. 4/5 stars bc I had to have it adjusted quite a bit to fit better but it‘s a wonderful piece

Audrey Dress by Sondeflor. This rosemary green linen will make a few more appearances in this post because it‘s just *my* colour. The dress is wonderful as well. 4/5 because Sondeflor‘s sleeves are almost always a little tight on me but nothing tragic. Sizing up doesn‘t work btw because that makes the whole rest of the garment too big for me. But it‘s a great and very versatile dress ♡
There‘s actually a belt from the same material which I have but couldn‘t immediately find haha.

Wrap dress by Sondeflor. Unfortunately not available anymore as they‘ve changed the design of the wrap dress into something more fitted. 5/5 from me because it can be worn quite a few different ways as it is and the quality is just great as always ♡

Classic Dress by Sondeflor. Just a very timeless and beautiful design with a beautiful wide flowing circle skirt ♡ 4/5 on this one as well. Only thing I have with sondeflor dresses with buttons is that I have to make sure to wear something like a sportsbra underneath because sometimes there‘ll be a small hole in the front between the buttons tho my top measurements correspond with the size chart. But I know how to work with this so it‘s fine ♡

Classic Skirt by Sondeflor as well. Yeah you‘ll see that I own quite a few things by this brand haha. I just love them and this skirt is a solid 5/5, I love it‘s wide swing so much. Also, if you already own Sondeflor garments still make sure to check the size charts on skirts. I buy most garments in size S from them but the size S skirt would‘ve been too tight on me.

Vintage Cardigan I found in a vintage shop. Such a cute design and really warm. 3/5, the fit is ok but it looks a bit weird buttoned. Still love the design and the colours and it was rather affordable because vintage!

H&M Cardigan from a few years ago. 2/5 because the quality is meh-ish and I subtract at least one star when it‘s a fast fashion item. Still makes a good layer for spring and summer and the colour and length fits most of my dresses pretty well.

Vintage Cardigan I found on Vinted. It‘s by a brand called Madeleine and I saw it up on Vinted one more time so I thought I‘d share the brand. The colour is actually something between brown and green but I put it into the Moss Green category. It‘s got gorgeous embroideries all over. 4/5 because it‘s wonderful. If the fit were a little bit nicer it‘d be a 5/5.

Vintage Cardigan from a vintage shop. Really great colour and I feel like it‘s one of the pieces that look like it‘s part of a ton of aesthetic and style collages and moodboards on Pinterest. 3/5 I love it but it‘s a tiny bit itchy.

A couple of these items used to be classified as forest green and that would‘ve definitely fit as well but I kind of think they belong to moss green. idk. H&M pullover from a few years ago. 2/5 I wear it, the fit is cute and the material is soft and nice to wear. 1 point got subtracted because it‘s fast fashion and partly made of polyester. But yeah, I love me a good basic piece, they‘re versatile and make great outfits. That‘s nice then, I did support fast fashion but at least I make good use of the garment.

Ally Cardigan by Simple Retro. Thought this style was so sweet. 3/5 because the fit is a bit weird, a bit baggy. But not bad, the material is also soft and nice to wear. When I bought it I felt this would be a wonderful piece for all seasons but now that it‘s winter I don‘t see myself grabbing for it too often. So in my personal wardrobe it‘s not as versatile as many other pieces. Still really like it tho ♡

Vintage blazer coat. Love how it reminds me of Hobbitcore. Really cute item, 3/5 because I haven‘t yet managed to remove the shoulder pads and it‘s not too flattering in shape. Still planning to wear it more often in the future.

Vintage wool coat I found on Vinted. It‘s a Loden coat that probably cost quite a bunch of money when the first owner bought it. Absolutely incredible piece, I love everything about it. The poofy sleeves look cute and give enough room to wear cardigans or pullovers and not have the sleeves slide up when I put on the coat. The shape is cute, the hood is cute, the little bow in the front is cute. I think it‘s really cottagecore and also hobbitcore!! I wear this tons ♡ 5/5

Palisandra Shawl by Sondeflor. It‘s a pretty big square shawl and way warmer than one would expect from linen. Really elegant and versatile as well. 5/5 !!

I did not include accessories into my capsule wardrobe count but I figured why not upload them in this overview. I have two more scarves for this colour which I won‘t include. Probably going to sort them out at some point anyway.

Last one for Moss green:
Small Skjoldehamn by TrollTova on Etsy. Such a lovely piece for autumn and winter. For short errands I don‘t always put on a jacket when I wear this hood. I also have a coat that‘s got no hood and also no front closure and this hood can be worn in combo with that coat so I have a hood and some extra warmth

So that was all the moss green things including a few accessories but not all. If you read my Cottage Capsule post you know that I go by colour and category. My categories are Pinafore, short sleeve dress, long sleeve dress, skirt, blouse, pullover, cardigan, vest and outerwear. Ideal would be to have exactly 1 item for each of the categories but right off we can see that it doesn‘t always work. In the moss green corner I have no blouse and also no vest but 5 cardigans, 2 long sleeve dresses and 2 outerwear? Sometimes it be like dat.

But 4 cardigans too much, 1 dress and 1 outerwear is 6 items in total that are „too much“. The two I mentioned that I don‘t have are subtracted from that so within moss green I actually „only“ have 4 pieces too much. In future posts we‘ll see that it‘s the other way around for some other colours. In the end the „don‘t have this“ and the „have one too much of this“ ideally cancel each other out so I can have as many moss green cardigans as I want to keep but don‘t have to have a purple and patterned one if I don‘t need it.

I‘m curious to see how this post series will turn out. I enjoy just writing about this and will be excited to see if it‘s gonna get any attention at all.

Christmas is just around the corner!
All the best to everyone.
x natashia

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I'm a witch & folklore lover from the Eifel in Germany, constantly on the look for the hidden magic in this world. I love linen clothes, green academia, books & the colour green. I share my home with a man, two bunnies, two cats & the fae.

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