Spring Hobbitcore Lookbook

Hobbitcore is one of my favourites of “the aesthetics”, it’s pretty close to Cottagecore in my opinion but it’s still a bit of a category for itself. Especially since it can be a combination of Cottagecore and Academia, though I personally prefer that combination for autumn.
I love categorizing outfits like this, it makes it so fun to put looks together in my opinion… plus the people who like that kind of stuff have a word to look up and find inspiration. Before the aesthetics got popular I found it hard to look for specific fashion styles because everybody had their own name for it.
I like to refer to my personal style as “Faysthetic” but it’s really just a combination of the aesthetics, isn’t it? Cottage-, witch-, vintage-, fairy-, goblincore with a dash of academia and dat me.

Here I have a little lookbook for Spring Hobbitcore.
Hobbitcore to me is simple: Cottagecore + Seasonal colors + beige + a cute vest + optional: some academia. I would like to expand my collection of vests / corsets/gilets in the next months, here we gotta work with the three cute ones that I own and that work for spring. I took the liberty and categorized the outfits a little bit again! The shoes on all pictures are by a brand called Think.

I didn’t include links to products or shops because I find myself shopping more easily and quickly when everything is easily accessible and I wanted to reduce this on my own posts a little bit. I included the shop names so the items can be found nonetheless. I also want to mention that NONE OF THIS IS SPONSORED, I just enjoy fashion without being paid for it.

1. Classic Hobbit Girl

I feel like this is the most Hobbitcore look out of all of them. Vintage skirt that I dyed myself, vintage
vest and underdress by CottonCandyWearShop on Etsy worn as a top.

2. Dirndl Hobbit Girl

The vest is from a vintage style Dirndl two-piece and I feel like this outfit would almost work for Oktoberfest.
The skirt and shirt are the same as in Outfit 1 and it was coincidence that the vest and the skirt
ended up having very well matching colors!

3. Slavic Fairytale Hobbit Girl

Does anyone remember the amazing fairytale films from the 80’s and 90’s? Some came from the Czech Republic,
others from Russia etc, I loooved them! And I kind of got a similar vibe from this outfit. The embroidery
on the rather heavy velvet vest paired with the braided crown and the frills on the skirt? I love it.
The vest is from Voriagh, the other outfit pieces are still the same as mentioned previously.
I put the three outfits together in a line because they all feature the same skirt.

4. Green Witch Hobbit Girl

I needed to see what the vest looks like in combination with the dress I made myself.
Made it from old Ikea bed linens and I’m loving the look!

5. Simple Cottagecore Hobbit Girl

The underdress is the same as in Outfit 1, the skirt is from LittleWomenAtelier on Etsy. It’s not exactly “simple”,
is it, but simpler than the next.

6. Cottagecore Hobbit Girl

A combination I love. The vest is a vintage dirndl vest that I think is just brilliant. It goes with almost
every outfit in my wardrobe and it’ll be featured again later. The dress is by
CottonCandyWearShop on Etsy, as well. I just love this outfit.

7. Folkcore Hobbit Girl

A combination I tried out randomly and that I think looks really really cute!!! It’s a Revintaria dress in orange
linen paired with a little black vintage vest with cute embroidery. The buttons on the vest were really loose and
they’ve all fallen off. I haven’t gotten around to fixing them again, it can easily be worn
open but today I tied it with a black band and omg? Cute?

8. Hobbit Fairy

Easily one of the two most beautiful dresses I own and a newer addition to my collection. This incredible dress by
IngridShopLT on Etsy satisfies all my cravings for collars, small waists, long circle skirts and
poofy sleeves. I definitely need another one in a different color but this ashy lilac
tone combined with the dirdl vest I mentioned earlier is just Fairycore x Hobbit.

9. Vintage Hobbit Girl

And the other dress I would say is among my two prettiest dresses, this incredible piece by Of Her Own Kind.
This and the other one I mentioned are the reason I’m broke atm but you know what? I don’t care as long as I
know these two pieces amongst my possessions XD I have a feeling that some of the
other pieces could be Vintage Hobbit as well, but well. That’s the beautiful thing about the aesthetics.
They’re like a spectrum, each one can be combined with another and anything you combine is cute and special and fun.

If there are any questions about items please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments ❤ Let me know which outfit or piece you like the best! I find it very very hard to choose 😀

Enjoy and stay healthy

x natashia

Published by natashia le fay

I'm a witch & folklore lover from the Eifel in Germany, constantly on the look for the hidden magic in this world. I love linen clothes, green academia, books & the colour green. I share my home with a man, two bunnies, two cats & the fae.

3 thoughts on “Spring Hobbitcore Lookbook

    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m thinking of doing an Autumn Hobbitcore Lookbook, does that sound fun? 😀 The fabric is truly amazing and I’ve got so much left! Gotta find inspo for a new garment I already have an idea tho…and the fairytale films, I remember one of my favs was a film by Alexander Rou and it’s called “the Golden Horns”, a Russian production and there were quite a few more. They were shown on a children’s program, one every sunday at noon. There were also a couple films starring an actress called Libuše Šafránková ( broke my heart, I just learned she passed away this june) that I loved. Maybe you’ll find something looking up these names, I saw there are some films available on YT but they were in German haha. But especially the first one I mentioned was what I thought of when I referred to it in my post ❤


      1. Ohh an autumn one would be lovely! I’m working on a hobbity wardrobe and love this. Thank you so much! I’ll look into those.


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