Tattoo Ink & Color Stains on Linen Clothes

The first week of the tattoo shop reopening after 4 months of lockdown and I‘m so glad I can work there again. I missed everybody and everything soo much. But the first week I also had an ink accident which turned out all good, fortunately.

I wore a lilac linen dress and although I know very well what to do to keep ink off my clothes there was a shitty little chain of unfortunate events that led to my dress catching about 30 individual ink splotches.

I was absolutely ready to dye my dress to cover the ink spots but thought I should try stain remover first. I‘d done that before on another linen dress and rubbed a bit too hard so the original color wore off on that spot. I threw my lilac dress into a pot of water to let it soak through for an hour and then applied this stuff to it:


It‘s something I had found in a supermarket here in Germany and thought it looked promising. I rubbed it into the black stains which already started to lift a little then – as the bottle said – washed with my regular laundry in the washing machine.

That‘s where the chain of unfortunate events continued. Another dress – for whatever reason – decided to stain everything else… peachy orange. There was my lilac dress, now mauve colored. My favourite natural linen dress and my cute underdress, all peach 😀 Not exactly ugly, but also not my favourite color.

So I bought this stuff: //if you‘re under 18 don‘t do this on your own!!


Which I thought looked promising and planned out my deed. My underdress and favourite linen dress were both pretty much natural, neutral colours so I thought I would put them into this solution and not really watch the time. My lilac dress – the one that‘s now mauve-y pink – I actually like in the new color and I wouldn‘t risk ruining the cute pink *and* the original lilac but play it safe and keep it like it is.

This morning I finished the stain removal of all the pieces of clothing I wanted to try it on and it worked very very very well. I am so pleased ♡ My favourite dress plus a little blouse that also got stained all orange now both look exactly as they did before. Natural linen is apparently very easy to save using this product..!!

My cute little underdress wasn‘t „natural“ linen but a dyed linen. I put it into the solution over night and the stain lifted very well but so did the original color.. In this specific case it worked so well and I actually do prefer it‘s new color over the old color…which is funny and exciting XD
But it‘s also exactly why I didn‘t dare try it on my lilac dress in case the original color gets lifted as well.
SO I do suggest that for colored clothing one should watch the process and keep an eye on the solution every 10-30 minutes to see how it all develops.

Above, just for comparison, two photos. Left pic, the garment on the left is the very same dress I have at the top of this post. That‘s the peachy tone everything else got stained as well. Not ugly but also not my favourite. The embroidered blouse on the same pic was the same color and ended up looking crisp and perfect again after it‘s bath in the solution. Right pic, the dress on the right is the original lilac shade while the dress on the left used to be the same color and is now slightly more pink. Which I think is ok and looks very cute. I‘m wearing it right now ♡

But yes that was my little tale of my first week. Of work and why one of my dresses now looks slightly cuter than it did before.

Have a nice weekend ❤
– Natashia

Published by natashia le fay

I'm a witch & folklore lover from the Eifel in Germany, constantly on the look for the hidden magic in this world. I love linen clothes, green academia, books & the colour green. I share my home with a man, two bunnies, two cats & the fae.

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    1. Thank you so much!!!

      unfortunately, by now I’ve personally decided to go back into lockdown. It’s just way too stressful for my clients and myself to work while numbers are this high. But it was fun as long as it lasted haha ❤

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