Info for my Etsy Shop

If you read this then you‘re probably been on my Etsy page and read the description of one of my items.

I decided I‘d post information this way because they always result in a bit of a longer text and probably discourage people from reading the item descriptions at all.


There are currently 3 different print qualities up on my shop. I‘ve been working on my print series for several years now and my art style and quality have evolved throughout those years. At the moment I‘m working on improving the art qualities of my older designs and I‘m finally getting them printed professionally. That‘s why there are different options at the moment.


Because if you decide to purchase art from my shop you might receive two different qualities and I want you to know that in advance.
The thing is that they still all match and will look good framed and hung side by side but there will be a slight but probably noticeable visual difference.


This is my new standard, they‘re 200g/sm prints with a white back side and white border. They have a subtle gloss on the front that makes the colors pop and the contrasts amazing.
Since I‘m able to have larger quantities made in this quality I can also offer this at a slightly lower price than originally and I can ship these or much faster.

“Old“ isn‘t meant to sound negative. These are the prints I still print myself, they‘re on sturdy 200g/sm matte photo paper (however, they feel much thicker than 200g/sm, no idea why) and they‘re beautiful, too. They have a white border, as well. The prints that are still available in this quality I will soon offer in the new quality, as well. But I can‘t yet tell when that‘s gonna be. OLD and NEW will look pretty nice side by side and framed. Unframed you‘ll see a bit of a difference in color and paper quality.
These are made to order by myself and they take quite some time and material to be printed in a nice quality. So they cost a little more and also take longer to be shipped.

This was my first try to have my artworks printed professionally in order to have a stock and be able to ship them faster. They didn‘t turn out as nice as any of the other two qualities, the colors are a bit less vibrant and they don‘t have the border. They‘re printed on 300g/sm postcard material. These will look nice framed but since they‘re not up to my standards anymore I‘m offering them for half the price of my standard prints.

It was important for me to explain this thoroughly so you know what you‘re buying.
Posting it on my blog makes it a bit easier to adjust my whole Etsy to my new quality because I can simply link to this page for more Info.

Thanks for reading and for being interested ♡ And thank you heaps if you decide to place an order ♡

X Natashia

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I'm a witch & folklore lover from the Eifel in Germany, constantly on the look for the hidden magic in this world. I love linen clothes, the colour green & books. I share my home with a man, two bunnies, two cats & the fae.

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