My Treasured Books

After quite some time I’m finally back to post something on my blog…finally! It’s march and what a year it’s already been, huh? So much *stuff* all over the world, how crazy.

I hope you’re all doing great and the virus doesn’t have you. If, for some reason, you’re tied to the bed this post might be something for you. Or if you like books. Or something.
Anyway, a lovely soul on Instagram asked me to share my favorite books on my blog and I thought that was a great idea to come back to this lovely page and fill it with some content again. And since books are one of my favorite topics to ever talk about… yes! Perfect! I have to say one thing, though: This can’t really be called my “favorite” books, therefore I called it my “treasured” books. Some of these are indeed real favorites of mine but others really mean quite a lot to me, I’d take them to lonely islands, although they might not exactly be favorite-material. Idk, hard to explain. But the following books mean a lot to me ♡

So, let’s just dive into this right now. I’m quite sure that some of these are already long time friends of your’s, too, but the one or other might be something for your to-be-read-pile. I’ll describe them all a litte bit and tell why I consider them favorites. I unfortunately couldn’t have a photo slide and individual descriptions for each of the photos inside so we’ll have a photo slider so you can look at the books and then I’ll have another passage with all the details. Post’s gonna be long hehe. I also tried to categorize it all a tiny bit but I found it quite difficult so I hope you don’t mind if the order is a bit random; The books will also be in the same order in both the gallery slider and the the text passage below. If you wanna keep it short then feel free not to go past the slider or just read the passages about books that interest you ♡

One little info: I used an app to take the photos and didn’t notice until the very end that this app added a different filter on every single photo!! It frustrated me a little bit but the pics aren’t *too* bad so I decided to go with them. The app is called “1998 Cam” for iPhone in case you happen to like the aesthetic.

The Assassin’s Apprentice
The Farseer Trilogy
Author: Robin Hobb // Genre: Fantasy // Year: 1995

A recent favorite, but a favorite it is without a doubt. I’m currently reading book 3 and I’m loving it so much.
FitzChivalry is the bastard of the heir to the throne, Prince Chivalry Farseer. He grows up in the stables of Buckkeep Castle and life is hard. His magical link with animals, an ancient power known as the Wit, gives him friendship and home. But the Wit is feared and hated by many so FitzChivalry has give up this power when he’s adopted into the royal household of the Farseers. His father is dead but bastard children of nobility are given special positions in the royal household and Fitz learns the arts of weaponry, scribing and the courtly manners… but his most important lessons are given to him by the royal assassin. What role does the Fool play and why is the royal family called “Farseer”? Read the book!!

The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien // Genre: High Fantasy // Year: 1937+

This, of course, is an all-time-classic. I love these so much, I just love them so much. If I jumped into this book never to return I would not be mad about it at all.
The tales of the Hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins from the Shire in Middle Earth; The first a story of a Hobbit leaving home to join a company of dwarves and a wizard to conquer back the dwarves’ lost home and Bilbo finding a magical ring on the way; The second story a trilogy of how Frodo has to set out and, with the help of incredible friends, destroy the ring that has been handed down to him by his uncle Bilbo. Without a single doubt everybody has heard of this story and if you haven’t read the books or watched the movies then, by all means, I couldn’t recommend them more. I prefer the Lord of the Rings over the Hobbit in both cases, book and film. But The Hobbit just belongs and I wouldn’t wanna miss it. Gotta watch LotR asap now.

A Game of Thrones
A Song of Ice and Fire
Author: George R.R. Martin // Genre: Fantasy // Year: 1996

Another fantasy series that luckily can be count as a classic now that everybody seems to have watched the show. The books are better, though, at least in my opinion. It’s just incredible how extensive this world is, although it still couldn’t be exactly compared to the extensiveness of Middle Earth but enough of that.
This story is goes all across a land called Westeros and beyond. Center is a family called Stark that’s being involved in all kinds of political actions and intrigues. This story of course is really difficult to compress into a short passage and it’s not just the first book I’m calling a favorite, but the entire series. If you haven’t read them but loved the show: Please read the books. I loved the show (except Season 8 haha what a surprise) and the first books are similar enough but progressing, they give a bit of a different insight into the world and also into the characters. Also, Winds of Winter, when it comes out, will make the series end differently than the show did! Best thing to happen so don’t wanna miss that!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Harry Potter
Author: J.K.Rowling // Genre: Fantasy // Year: 1997

Of course. If you didn’t guess that Harry Potter would be on this list I’m disappointed in myself for not talking about Harry Potter enough. But you guessed it and you guessed correctly. Harry Potter is just THE fantasy story of our generation.
The story of a boy who lost his parents and had no idea he was a wizard. The story of this boy being invited to attend Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and learning all kinds of magical things. The story of this boy finding friends and home. This story, more than anyone, has shaped me as a person and made me who I am. It raised me up, it has been part of my life almost for as long as I can remember. Many feel this way about Harry Potter. The movies are great but if you haven’t read the books yet: Do it. Please please please do it. Without a hint of exaggeration, I think I have by now read them over 40 times. I will never have enough of Harry Potter.

The Inkworld Trilogy
Author: Cornelia Funke // Genre: Fantasy // Year: 2003

This book series was actually the one that introduced me into the world of books. I put it aside after starting to red it twice but after a heavy start I really wanted to know what this book is about and just read and couldn’t stop anymore. I remember finishing the last book and immediately taking the first book again to reread. Read these over 20 times, as well. Book 1 is good (although I recently learned that quite a few people weren’t as convinced of it) but the real hype for me started with Book 2.
Meggie’s father Mo has got a voice like silver and silk but he’s never used it to read to her aloud, although they both love books a lot. One day they have to leave home because a suspicious man called Dustfinger tells Mo that somebody called Capricorn is on the hunt for them. These are weird names and Meggie doesn’t understand the situation… then Mo is taken. The kidnappers have apparently been looking for a book called inkheart when they took Mo and the situation becomes more and more confusing. Meggie follows the tracks of her father and learns the truth about why her mother is gone and why Mo never reads to her aloud and why Dustfinger doesn’t seem to quite fit into this world. Mo possesses the power to make written word become real but if something comes out of the book then something else has to go inside. I love this story so much.

Septimus Heap
Author: Angie Sage // Genre: Fantasy // Year: 2005

A book that gave me all the Harry Potter vibes. Septimus’ family really reminded me of the Weasleys and I just love the quirky vibe, the funny names and this beautiful magical world that I can picture in my head incredibly well. I love how the series progresses and how all the turns this story takes just all fit together and give Septimus the most funky and incredible journey on the way to becoming an extraordinary wizard.

Goodreads Description because I couldn’t have worded it any better:
The 7th son of the 7th son, aptly named Septimus Heap, is stolen the night he is born by a midwife who pronounces him dead. That same night, the baby’s father, Silas Heap, comes across a bundle in the snow containing a newborn girl with violet eyes. The Heaps take this helpless newborn into their home, name her Jenna, and raise her as their own. But who is this mysterious baby girl, and what really happened to their beloved son, Septimus?

The Labyrinth of the Faun
Author: Cornelia Funke, Guillermo del Toro // Genre: Fantasy // Year: 2019

Many of you probably already know the movie but I feel this book takes the story to another level. This is the first book I’ve read twice at once. I read one chapter in German and the same chapter in English and then the next in German and so on. Don’t worry, I got the whole story experience but I just wanted to soak up the beauty of both languages. Funke is originally German and Inkheart was written in German but I wanted to experience her English writing as well as how she’d be translated into her own mother tongue.
The movie is incredible, so haunting and dark, but what I love about the book is that little chapters in between have little short stories about the underworld, about the mill and about the fawn and the princess. It completes the entire story so beautifully. If you liked the movie then please read this beautiful book. Two master storytellers came together for this and the result is impeccable.

Ofelia’s father died in the Spanish civil war and Ofelia’s mother Carmen, a seamstress, decides to marry again. Her new husband Captain Vidal supports General Franco and is a cruel man without a trace of happiness in his eyes. Ofelia and her pregnant mother travel to the mill where Vidal and his people have settled down to hunt the Spanish Maquis in the area.
There is a labyrinth close to the mill and within it Ofelia meets a faun of the underworld. The faun recognizes Ofelia as the resurrected Princess of the underworld that a long time ago has set out to explore the human world but never returned. But to be really sure that she’s the Princess Ofelia has to complete three magical tasks. On her way she meets a gigantic toad, a man that devours children and faeries but the biggest monster is without a doubt Captain Vidal. Read the book to hear the full story about the princess of the underworld and the incredible courage of a little girl and a group of rebels in Franco’s Spain.

The Mists of Avalon
Avalon Series
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley // Genre: Fantasy // Year: 1982

Another classic fantasy story that I can’t get enough of. This is a beautiful retelling of the magical legend of King Arthur but from the eyes of a woman many believed evil. The way this book describes Morgaine Le Fay is the way I personally like to see her and she’s an absolute role model of mine ♡
This is the story Igraine and Uther Pendragon, the Merlin of Avalon and Morgaine. She’s the elder sister of Arthur Pendragon, sent with her aunt who is the high priestess of the magical land of Avalon where women worship the Goddess and go about a Pagan life. Arthur, on the other hand, is raised at court and prepared to become a King. With the legendary sword Excalibur he is destined to rule the land.
This is a thick book. I’m listening to the audio book and I just love the way it’s written. Be warned, Marion Zimmer Bradley herself is a problematic person but I refuse to cancel this book from my favorites list because it’s just too damn good. Can please go to Avalon already, I want to be a priestess.

The Familiars
Author: Stacey Halls // Genre: Historical Fiction // Year: 2019

I won’t describe the plot of this one too detailed because my literal last post is an appreciation post for this entire book. I loved the characters in this book, I love how tied it is to real history and how it educates on real witch trials that took place a few centuries ago. I love the cover of the book and the illustrations. Can’t wait to reread.

Shadow & Bone
The Grisha Trilogy
Author: Leigh Bardugo // Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult // Year: 2012

Yaa the category of Young Adult.
I didn’t read as much Young Adult as I’d have hoped… I started way too late, too, but I’m incredibly grateful I decided to read this beautiful series.

The once great nation of Ravka is torn in two by a force called the Shadow Fold that’s a dangerous darkness and home to terrible monsters that feast on human flesh. When Alina Starkov’s best friend is attacked by these monsters she reveals a dormant power of light to save him. This power has somewhat been waited for as it’s the only real hope to fight the monsters and the shadows and Alina is torn from everything she knows and brought to the royal court where she’s trained as a Grisha, a magical elite dedicated to protect the nation. But nothing is ever quite as it seems.
The entire trilogy is a YA masterpiece.

Author: S. Jae-Jones // Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult // Year: 2017

Talking about Young Adult this book popped into my mind.
It reminded me strongly of The Labyrinth and was obviously inspired by it but it’s got it’s very own charm. Music plays a huge role in this story and it’s just so, so beautifully and poetically written.
Liesl has been captured by the tales of the beautiful but dangerous Goblin King, her music is inspired by his underworld. Then Liesl’s sister is stolen by the Goblin King and Liesl has to go after to rescue her.
I underlined so many passages of this book. I loved it, it’s dark and poetic and just beautiful. “You are the monster I claim.”

Der Hummelreiter Friedrich Löwenmaul
Just in German!
Author: Verena Reinhardt // Genre: Fantasy, Kinder // Year: 2016

Ich beschreib es auf deutsch, damit die armen Leute, die nicht deutsch sprechen können, gar nicht erst neidisch werden können, dieses coole Buch nicht lesen zu können..
Es ist ein Kinderbuch aber ich fand es so. mega. witzig. Allein das Cover ist schon der Hammer oder??
Friedrich Löwenmaul stammt aus einer Familie von Hummelreitern aber findet es erst überhaupt nicht gut, dass er von einer goldenen Hummel namens Hieronymus Brumsel in ein Abenteuer reingezogen wird. Für die Königin von Südwärts sollen die zwei den Norden ausspionieren. Dabei decken die beiden ein Komplott auf, das alle in Gefahr bringt. Zusammen müssen Friedrich und Brumsel die Welt der Insekten und Kleinsttiere retten damit alle wieder in Frieden leben können.

The Neverending Story
Author: Michael Ende // Genre: Fantasy // Year: 1979

Recently I’ve been listening to this audio book in the evening shortly before falling asleep. I’ve previously read it once when I was a child and I now find that I understand it completely different as an adult.

Bastian Balthasar Bux has lost his mother and ever since that his father has not really been there for him, either. Bastian himself is a bit on the heavier side and frequently bullied by his classmates. He enters a antique book shop in order to hide from his bullies and speaks with the shop keeper, a grumpy old man. In an unsupervised moment Bastian decides to take the book the old man has been reading and steal it. He runs back to his school and seeks refuge in the attic of the school where he starts reading this story that has somehow been calling his name. He reads about Atreju the boy and Fuchur the dragon, about the Ivory Tower in Fantastica and the Childlike Empress and learns that Fantastica is breaking apart because the Childlike Empress has to be given a new name by a human child. Then Bastian finds himself within the very story. He meets the Childlike Empress and names her Moonchild after which she hands him Auryn that possesses the power to fulfill his every wish.
Bastian entirely reshapes the land of Fantastica and his own person but loses himself in the process. Finding himself again is a difficult process but when he makes it back home his life is the same but entirely different nonetheless.
This book is very sociocritical and I think it should be an obligatory read in 6th or 7th grade. Love it!!

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Flavia de Luce
Author: Alan Bradley // Genre: Mystery // Year: 2009

There are so many books to this series by now!! I just fell in love with Flavia and have been enjoying her stories ever since. You do have to like her character in order to be able to enjoy the book. She’s clever and witty but I find that some people were a bit irritated by her. I, however, love her so much that I can’t get enough and I just hope there will forever be books coming out to expand the series. There was also talk of a TV show that I desperately hope will be a thing someday.

Flavia is 11 and a chemist. She lives in an old mansion with her father, her sisters Ophelia and Daphne, as well as Dogger who serves as whatever the family needs at the moment. The mansion has an old chemistry laboratory that’s once belonged to a long dead uncle named Tarquin and Flavia has been intrigued with chemistry ever since she discovered the place and opened the first book. Her favorite topic: Poison. In book 1 she discovers a dying man in the cucumber patch of the mansion. What does he have to do with her father, why did she hear the two have an argument shortly before the man died and is her father really a murderer as the police suspects? What’s it all got to do with a stamp called the Ulster Avenger? The police officer (who I personally am a great fan of, I have such a beautiful image of him in my head) couldn’t have solved the case without Flavia.

Yes, she is 11. No, I would not recommend this book to children under 12. It’s a bit macabre and dark and this first book is also pretty scary at the end, so please don’t let your small child read this book 😀

The Physician
The Cole Family Trilogy
Author: Noah Gordon // Genre: Historical Fiction // Year: 1986

This is a pretty heavy book but I devoured it! There’s also a film to it but the book is so, so much better.
Rob Cole learns that he has the power to sense by touch that a person is dying. He discovers it shortly before his own mother dies, leaving Rob and his siblings as orphans. He’s devastated but nobody in 11th century London yet knows what appendicitis, let alone how it is cured.
So Rob decides to join a traveling physician and learn how to cure people. This physician knows the minimum and frequently betrays people, too, but when he turns older and desperately needs an eye surgery in order not to turn blind this is Rob’s first introduction into real medicine.
He hears that these skilled physicians come from oriental lands and have learned their procedures from Ibn Sina in Persian lands so Rob decides to go on a dangerous journey that leads him through three continents so he can learn from this pioneer of medicine.
This book is just so interesting! I really loved the story, although I must say I personally was a bit unhappy with how it ended. I’d still read it again any day.

Others that I feel like I wanna mention but won’t go into detail for:

– The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
– The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco
– Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan
– Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
– Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popovic
– Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
– Perfume by Patrick Süskind
– A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Okay this was long. If you read it all, you’re the bomb. Let me know if you ever decide to read one of these books upon my recommendation, I’m really curious how you’ll like it.

Thank you so much x
– Natashia

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