Just finished: The Familiars

Ho ho ho!

Oh darn, it’s not quite that time of the year yet, but it just as well might be.. considering how long this Blog has been going without a post.

Today I would like to talk a bit about the book I’ve finished most recently! It’s called “The Familiars”, a book by Stacey Halls.

The main character of the story is a young woman called Fleetwood Shuttleworth. Her time is the 17th Century and she lives in a mansion in Lancashire, UK.

Fleetwood is pregnant and rather unwell. Her husband, who she loves greatly, is out of house often and she is scared about her and her baby’s health. One day Fleetwood meets a woman called Alice Grey and although Alice comes from entirely different circumstances the two women become friends and Alice is employed as Fleetwood’s midwife.

The time which we relive by reading this story is one of witch hunts and it seems Alice might have some kind of connection to the Pendle Witches who are believed to have been practicing magic around the Malkin Tower not too far away from Fleetwood’s home.

Fleetwood is afraid of losing Alice, who has proven to be not only a great midwife who has managed to better Fleetwood’s condition a lot… she’s also become a very close friend and good companion to the young woman.

When Alice is indeed arrested…

… this is where we will stop the retelling of the story in case any of you would like to read it for yourselves!

If you are versed in British history this story or a few of the names might actually seem familiar to you. The reason for this is that this book is actually based on true events. The places mentioned do really exist. The witch trials against the Pendle Witches is one of the best documented of it’s sort. Even Fleetwood Shuttleworth and her husband have really existed and lived their lives in Gawthorpe, Lancashire.

Now for my little review of the story.

It’s not a huge and epic fantasy story, there’s no abracadabra kind of magic.

Instead, there is a collection of really amazing characters. There is love and betrayal and loss and life and death. And there is certainly a kind of magic present in here, too.

I love the arch of the story, and how different twists and turns of the story were introduced to the reader. I love how the betrayal is brought across and it hurts me almost as much as the character who it happens to. I love the different kinds of characters there are and I love how the women go out of the story with strength.

Now, I want to review the physical aspect of the book, as well! For that I have prepared a little collection of photos because, trust me, this book deserves to be looked at.

But before we look at the gorgeous book, a word about the Audiobook. I only get my Reads in because I resort to Audiobooks. It’s the same for this one, I listened to it and I loved the audio book! It was read by Katy Sobey who managed to read to me so well!! I love her voice and how she changed it to imply the different characters.

The Books I love I always have to have as real books, as well. So now for the gorgeous book:

I hope you enjoyed my little review. I will definitely be reading/listening to this again ♡

🌿 Natashia Le Fay

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