Celebrating Lughnasadh

Grain on the fields, plants and shrubs heavy with berries and fruit and still we’re enjoying a few rays of summery sunshine; This is how we know Lughnasadh is approaching.

In the Witch’s Wheel of the Year Lughnasadh or Lammas (“LOO-nah-sah”, usually 1st- 2nd August, can be between 31st July and 6th August) is one of four major sabbaths and one of eight sabbaths in total. Sabbaths are exciting for us who practice witchcraft because during those eight times in a year we celebrate our Mother Nature and what she gives to us.

When Lughnasadh (or Lammas) arrives we take our time to celebrate the first harvest of the year and non-coincidentally, you’ll see the year’s busiest farmer’s market, marmalade-making and produce-collecting going on all around you at this time of the year.
Lughnasadh introduces us to the year’s month of August which is the last meteorological summer month and the main focus of the celebrations of Lughnasadh lie on fulfillment and gratitude.

The name “Lughnasadh”, old Irish, translates to “Death of Lugh”. The celebrations honor the death of Lugh, the God of harvest and craftsmanship and in the Celtic calendar, Lughnasadh marks the beginning of autumn.

I have Book of Shadows pages on the Wheel of the Year and Lughnasadh for you to download for free. The link you will find at the bottom of this post.

How to celebrate Lughnasadh

As always, considering that every single witch is different and has their own individual path, there are many different ways to celebrate Lughnasadh.
Just like for every of the eight Sabbaths you can spend some private time in NATURE to connect with our Mother.

Lughnasadh celebrations usually include the baking of bread or other baked goods of your choice. Through this you’ll be able to connect to the deities of your choice (like the Goddess and the Horned God) or simply to Mother Nature by using something they made for you and making something delicious out of it. Generally, having seasonal foods to eat and seasonal drinks to drink are a good way to go for Lughnasadh celebrations. Seasonal foods include veggies and fruit like tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, peaches, raspberries, brambleberries, apples, pears,…
Seasonal drinks include juices made from seasonal fruits and veggies (a smoothie! Yum) and also wine, beer, cider. But keep it safe with the alcohol!

Other activities for Lughnasadh include:

  • the crafting of corn dollies to celebrate the harvest season
  • the crafting of corn husk dolls or besoms
  • harvest something yourself. If you have a garden and things to harvest then that’s great. If you don’t the maybe you have some trees/bushes around where you can find some fresh berries. Be safe with what you eat, though, and toss it rather than eating something you’re not sure with. A good grocery shopping trip for seasonal veggies and fruits can also become your equivalent to doing your own harvest ♡ Maybe to the farmer’s market?
  • tend to your garden (or your indoor plants)
  • a bonfire! Because bonfires are always great for sabbaths ♡

The last suggestion for Lughnasadh activities is the same as for the other seven sabbaths: Decorate your altar!
Decorating your altar is a very easy and cheap activity. Some witches like to have huge festivities for the celebration of a sabbath but if you can’t/don’t want to participate in any then it’s totally possible to have celebrations on a much smaller scale and in a smaller circle of people (or by yourself). Take a look at the below list of correspondences for Lughnasadh and decide for yourself whether your celebrations shall include carrying a corresponding crystal in your pocket or wearing a corresponding colour or eating corresponding food… or whether you’d like to have a bonfire together with 30 people!

Lughnasadh Correspondences

  • Themes: Fulfillment, gratefulness, abundance, confidence, energy
  • Herbs: Lavender, Elder, Vervain, Calendula, Basil, Yarrow, Rosehips
  • Flowers: Sunflower, Poppy, Marigold, Peony, Carnation
  • Crystals: Tiger’s Eye, Aventurine, Quartz, Obsidian, Carnelian, Citrine
  • Foods: Mead, Honey, Corn, Berry Pie, Bread, Herbs, Seasonal Vegs & Fruits, mushrooms, garlic, cider
  • Decoration: Corn dolls, Bread, Threshing tools, Sunflowers and herbs
  • Colours: golden yellows, orange, brown, bronze, green and turquoise
Lughnasadh altar with some handpicked grain stalks, lavender and sunflowers ♡
I’m so in love with the little metal vase I randomly found somewhere on the attic. Such a nice vibe for my witchy altar ♡ The Lughnasadh ritual card is from my Wheel of the Year: Ritual Cards deck and suitable for decoration purposes on various types of altars.

This was it for Lughnasadh. I can’t wait to make beautiful food with the things Mother Earth made for us!

Here’s the link to my Book of Shadows. You can download/print info on the Wheel of the Year and Lughnasadh there!

Lammas blessings to you, lovely folks! I wish you all the best and thank you for reading.

🌿 Natashia Le Fay

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