Harry Potter Book Essentials

The magical world of Harry Potter…

Daily I find myself dreaming of going to Hogwarts. I want to have onion soup at the burrow, I want to help the Weasley kids de-gnome their garden. I want to try Mr Lovegood’s gurdyroot infusion and want to have my own portrait on Luna’s ceiling.
I want to buy books at Flourish & Blott’s and choose a fancy ball gown at Madam Malkin’s. I want to try real butterbeer!!! I want to see hippogriffs and crying mandrakes. I want my own Nimbus 2000.

I’m a collector. I love having stuff that make the world more magical for me and having a Harry Potter collection certainly does make my world more magical. You might have seen that I recently actually scaled down my Harry Potter collection but my love for Harry Potter hasn’t died. I still have a heap of collectibles but only the ones that really do make me happy.
And most of them are books.

The seven novels and the different editions in which I own them will always be the centre pieces of my collection but I also love to have the additional books that will give you more information about the world of Harry Potter (the books and the films).
Today I thought I should choose my Top 3 picks for Harry Potter books that are not the novels written by J.K. Rowling. In my personal opinion the three books I chose are the three books that make a lot of sense owning if you love the world of Harry Potter and want to learn more about it.
(However, this does not mean that any of the other books out there aren’t worth buying! These here are just my personal favorites and should anybody ask me which books I’d recommend the most, here’s a count down on my picks:)

Essential Nr. 3: Tales of Beedle the Bard

“The Tales of Beedle the Bard” is my personal favorite of the three additional books that J.K.Rowling wrote herself. They can be purchased in a boxed set or individually and there are different editions of the book, all of them have comments from the author herself.
The edition in the photo above is a Limited Collector’s Edition. The large book isn’t actually a book, it’s a box. The small one is the book and the appearance is modeled after the five books that J.K.Rowling had made for her closest friends. The slide below shows a more common edition of the book.

I think this book is an essential because it ties into the Harry Potter world in the sweetest way possible. It’s a separate book of fairy tales, you could read the stories to somebody who’s never heard of Harry Potter and they’d understand the stories. But when you watch or – even better – read Harry Potter then you’ll find references to some of these stories and I think it’s really neat to actually have the stories available to read.
I also really like the stories, I think J.K. Rowling managed to write really good fairy tales! My personal favorites are “The Fountain of Fair Future” and of course “The Tale of the Three Brothers” ♡

Essential Nr. 2: The Art of Harry Potter

“The Art of Harry Potter” refers a bit more to the eight films as they are a collection of different kinds of art that were created in the making of Harry Potter.
This book is really chunky and heave and so full of pictures. There is barely any text, except for a few introductory lines and of course the description lines for each picture in the book. But other than that… only art.

Basically there is art for every step of the making of the films. There are pencil sketches, digital sketches and concept art for places, situations, creatures, characters and objects… and you wouldn’t believe the details! You can take a closer look at the paintings of Hogwarts and different designs for what a house elf could look like.
One of my favorite chapters is the one that shows the concept art of MinaLima. You can take a look at incredibly detailed designs for book pages and covers, newspapers, labels for potion bottles and Wizards Wizarding Wheezes packaging and actually so so many more things.
Take a look at the gallery below to take a few glimpses inside the book.

Essential Nr. 1: Page to Screen

There are currently so many amazing additional books about the Harry Potter world on the market, books on the places or the characters or the creatures or the history or the objects that we read about and see when we dive into this world.

In my opinion, the BEST compilation is without a doubt “Harry Potter: Page to Screen”. This book has everything. It is everything.

In this large and heavy book you can find a great collection of behind the scenes knowledge and photos, there are interviews with the filmmakers and actors/actresses, as well as J.K. Rowling.
There are pages dedicated to the characters and the creatures, on Hogwarts and it’s subjects, on other places in the magical (and even the muggle) world, on art, on objects, on costumes, on Quidditch, etc. etc.

At very first glance it looks rather similar to “The Art of Harry Potter” but in comparison, “The Art of Harry Potter” has much more art and “Page to Screen” has some of it all. Photos, art and a LOT of text.

This is my favorite of all of the additional books available and I will never quit recommending it to people.

Now, this exact edition is a special limited edition again, it came in a big box of 10 books that are all special editions. So if you want to buy the book you might prefer to go for the regular edition which looks a bit differently. Look out for large white book with Harry and Dumbledore on the cover and that’s the new, regular edition. There’s an older version of the regular edition which looks more similar to mine in case you prefer the look.
Below there’s another gallery with a sneak peek of “Page to Screen”

I really hope you enjoyed reading through this post and taking a look at the photos. Do you already have all of these? Do you agree that these are essentials for a Harry Potter collection or are there any other books you’d see in your personal Top 3?

In the future I’m gonna try and blog much more often. The last two weeks were pretty packed with work and chores but I thought should try blogging at least every weekend.
If there is any topic you’d be interested in reading about, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments or message me on Instagram ♡

Blessed be!
🌿 Natashia Le Fay

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